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The Historic Newspapers data and website is being created as part of the Historical Newspapers and Journals Project, which has been running since 2009.


This £3 million digitisation project was partly funded with £2 million from the Welsh Government’s Strategic Capital Investment Fund, hence the (unofficial) internal name for the project, SCIF. Further funding for the processing of the digitised images has come from the EU via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Welsh Government as part of the DigidDo project.


The Historic Newspapers and Journals project aims to digitise 2 million pages of 19th and early 20th Century newspapers and periodicals published in Wales and to provide new opportunities for existing and new audiences to research and exploit this magnificent record of everyday knowledge online – free of charge. The project website will launch in March 2013 with newspaper content to begin with, and will allow anybody with an interest in the history and people of Wales to research the collections. This will be the largest body of searchable digital text relating to Wales and will contribute significantly towards realising the National Library’s ambitious vision to digitise the entire printed memory of Wales. Worldwide audiences will be able to search for words, phrases and dates and find countless nuggets of information that would otherwise remain hidden within the covers of heavy bound volumes at the National Library.



The project has digitised almost all of the National Library’s paper holdings of out-of-copyright newspapers and periodicals, generally those published in Wales up to 1911 and comprising up to 500 different titles covering all corners of Wales. The Hacathon specifically involves a subset of the newspaper data. The list of titles included in the Hacathon data will be available here.

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